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Hourglass Gems Custom Name Necklaces (18K Gold/Rose Gold/Sterling Silver Finish)

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Our necklaces are finished with either authentic 18K Gold, Sterling Silver or Rose Gold depending on your preferences.  The base of the of necklace is made out of premium stainless steel, while the outside is embelished with either authentic 18K Gold, Sterling Silver or Rose Gold as well as Cubic zirconia.

You can customize your name or Instagram handle to be on the necklace.

Be sure to list your customization request via PayPal as well and also feel free to either DM us on IG at @hourglassgems_official and/or to email us at after your order as well and feel free to send photo/pictures references if you have a more complex customization request.

The necklace pictured above has a sterling silver finish

We only accept PayPal at our store.